No Alma, no fun

14-month-old Alma, in the middle of her youth, shows more and more features of a typical adult Akita. Recently, she was resting calmly at the exhibitions, paying no attention to her surroundings, taking a good nap in her comfortable bed. Her calm demeanor was a relief for us too, because we were able to easily do the pre-competition combing and the final finishing touches. However, at the last exhibition, we already felt that the time for change had come. She considers the box made of textile, in which she usually rests, as her own. For Akitas, this means protecting what is hers, so she clearly indicated to the huskies and other dogs playing near her box at the exhibition, where exactly her little empire begins.

As you can see in the pictures taken from the profile, Alma’s features are more and more defined, and the charm that disappeared for a short period of time has also returned to her eyes. Her body proportions are gradually changing, her elongated legs are getting stronger and her appearance is elegant.

Fortunately, Alma does not realize most of the above, and she is still the center of the company. To this day, our four dogs enjoy playing together – thanks to the early training -, which is often initiated by Alma. It’s hard to say when will Alma cross the line with the 4-year-old male, Pablo. It’s for certain that she constantly pushes the limits of Pablo’s patience. Playing with her sister, Mimi, is an essential element of every evening, which their mother always supervises, and she separates the quarreling youngsters by intervening if things get out of hand.