American akita puppies, A-litter

We do not know too much about the puppies today, although we have seen several puppies on ultrasound scan. However, even the number of the puppies are difficult to determine at this time. The puppies are expected to be born in the first week of January, whose parents are Famke and Ecco. Both parents had excellent health conditions and received the best ratings at health screening. Famke is brown and white, Ecco is black and white, so we are expecting puppies of different colors in the litter.

Famke has been dog shows organized in Hungary only. However, in addition to the Hungarian Champion title, she also won the Hungarian Show Champion and the Hungarian Grand Champion. In 2021, Ecco was the class winner at the World Dog Show in Brno and he is also Junior Champion in 5 countries and Champion in 3 countries in adult class.

According to tradition, the names of the puppies to be born in the current litter are chosen to begin with the letter “A”, as this will be the first litter at Famesco’s kennel.