The only male in the A-litter

Famesco’ Ace Up Your Sleeve, the “Secret weapon”, the “Trump card”. It literally means an ace hidden in a sleeve that becomes an effective weapon when needed. A little dodger.

The choice of the name has a little story behind it. There were some problems with the birth of babies after the first puppy was born. In the end we had to go to the vet in the middle of the night. Famke endured the ordeals excellently and in the end we got back 3 healthy puppies and of course the mother dog a little dazed.

We were happy to take the little ones home. At the veterinary’s, we were told that all three puppies were girls.

When we got home, we cleaned them up and let them eat some milk. When all the puppies finished their meal, we took them from Famke so she could have a rest. Looking at the little ones, we were surprised that one of the puppies is a boy, the little cheater.

Famesco’s first and only boy had not stayed hidden, so he was named Famesco’s Ace Up Your Sleeve.