Cooling down at all costs!

All our dogs have a hard time coping with the summer heat, although Alma’s unruliness surpasses the others in this case as well. She uses their fresh drinking water to cool her paws in it, and to splash it on herself, which makes her fur constantly disheveled, not to mention that they don’t have any drinking water left. The carefree puppyhood only gives us a headache when we take Alma to a dog show.

The feeling is similar to when the whole family is invited to a wedding and we really want to avoid the child showing up with a chocolate stain on her freshly ironed white dress. Moreover, Alma is the kind of kid who would even be proud of this. Not having a better idea, we went with 24-hour supervision after giving her a thorough bath before the dog show weekends.

The last two competitions, in Sárvár and Agárd, were getting easier for Alma, there is no trace of the initial uncertainty in the ring, although she is still a little reserved towards the judges. For Alma, the puppy age is slowly coming to an end in terms of dog shows, in the fall she can already start in the junior class. Of course, water play always continues in the afternoon on the last day of the dog show, and the neatly combed fur disappears in mere seconds. And while it is less important to her, but with her hard work she has become a two-time Puppy Champion in the recent weeks.